X-Loupe ForteLite System

X-Loupe ForteLite System, the World's first portable IR-LED light device is used for Anti-stokes fingerprint powders, the design of fully integrated with the DSLR, is helpful to the relatively new technology for the enhancement of latent fingerprints shooting, and is especially useful against the busy multi-colored backgrounds.

With the powerful lights and proper wavelengths, it's able to immediately present the strong and clear green fingerprints for shooting, no need to particularly key out the fingerprint background.

That's why in the fingerprint shooting "what you see is what you get" !

  • Portable design provides you the convenience of inspection and fingerprint photo shooting.
  • The built-in, continuous and switchable light sources in the Pier-mount downlight, enable to speed up the shooting of fingerprints meanwhile improve the image quality.
  • Stepless illumination intensity is dimmable from 1~100%.
  • 2-channe light sources: IR - white.
  • Perform detailed inspection at the scene, then connecting an external display to show and share the results immediately.