Taken by X-Loupe G21* 150X lens

Microtexts in anti-counterfeiting and forgery

Counterfeit products have cost billions of money loss and caused thousands of people losing their jobs every year. Some counterfeit products even cause injuries and deaths. Therefore, how to improve the brand protection and combat counterfeit products have become every manufacturer’s concerns. One of the common technologies in anti-counterfeiting is microtexts, which is popular in banknotes, tags, and other security papers.

One of the easiest measures to detect microtexts is using magnifying glasses, but the issue is not easy to take pictures of the microtexts through magnifying glasses.

Printing Quality Assurance

Recently, printing industries have been facing a revolutionary hallenge in digital processing, in order to meet clients’ different needs, such as enquiring small quantity but of large variety, closing deals as quickly as possible, and undergoing compressed working time. Having to face such strict conditions, emphasis put on the printing quality is thus very crucial.

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*Note: This series has been discontinued. Recommend the alternative products HMS series for the microscopic shooting.