Fluorescence Observation Kit

Special for your stereomicroscope upgrading

We developed our fluorescence illumination technique for years. For your biological requirement, fluorescence observation kit is a robust tool for fluorescence protein screening in moderate circumstance. Our exclusive features, such as sample chamber, observation slide, and powerful illumination, remarkably assist your fluorescence observation in perfect facilitation.

No darkroom required

Exclusive sample chamber reliably blocks out ambient light and reduces unnecessary interference.

An observation chamber equipped LED illuminator and cooler is designed as simple darkroom. Just inserting your observation slide into chamber slot, you can operate your observation without ambient light interference.

Flexible illumination

Excitation/illumination source from adjustable incident angle efficiently reduces the glare on your objective surface.

Powerful illumination from 12 mercury-free LED bulbs provides sufficient energy for fluorescent excitation. Two wavelengths of light source are selectable for your fluorescent protein. Coped with correct filter, the fluorescence emission displays high color fidelity under your stereo microscope. The short distance between illuminator and specimen, which is approximately 10 cm, reduces unnecessary energy consumption during light delivery. More, energy-saving LED bulbs provide up to 10000 hrs of continuous illumination without harmful heat.

Intelligent features

Various light intensities, light angle, filter usages are easily controllable for your observation requirement. Built-in heat-management and eye safety device reduce the risk of heat damage on samples and your eyes.

Seven levels of light intensity are easily controlled by illumination slider. Removable filter selected from our abundant filter bank absolutely apply to your fluorescence protein. The illuminating angle is easily adjusted by switching knobs to suppress most of glare above your observed surface. An acrylic sheet for high-energy light shielding inserted between light source and user as a safety device eliminates the risk of user’s eye burned. And, built-in heat-management effectively prevents the heat damage from temperature rising in your observation space.

Versatile observation slide

Observation slides are perfectly applied to various specimen sizes from Drosophila (fruit fly), Brachydanio (zebrafish), Arabidopsis, to mice embryos, etc.

The completeness of your specimen can be easily maintained by various slide usage. Multiple well sizes from 5 mm to 15 mm diameter on chamber slide are particularly designed for your zebrafishes in various growth phases. The depth of well is sufficient to retain water and keep your fish alive. The number marked near each well efficiently assists your labeling, while managing various screening. More, concaved surface on each well condenses light beam on your observed object. Special materials of slides is able to suppress microbial infection occurred on your specimen by high-pressured sterilization.

Good compatibility

Independent device for most of stereo microscopes upgrading with extra fluorescent utility surely facilitates your screening efficiency.

Affordable price

Only at an unexpected low price, upgrade of your stereo microscope with an extra fluorescent observation device is possible.