Bruise on the arm under ambient light

Latent Bruises

To photograph the injuries by mobile phone device or DSLR with TTL flash is easy, but the photo quality can be poor, yet the discoloration areas may not be well-documented under ambient light if the victim doesn’t take instant documentation.

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Two fingerprints under special light

Latent Print on Polymer Banknote

Starting from 1988 to 2017, Polymer banknotes have been fully or partially adopted over than 20 countries, including Australia, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Brazil, Kuwait, Singapore, Chile and Mexico.

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fingerprint on plastic

Identity fingerprint on plastic article

A multitasked customs agent or a border guard at the immigration checkpoint dealing with a significant seizure of illicit drugs at X-Ray inspection. If the latent fingerprints located on the plastic bags confirmed to be the suspect’s, the suspect will have a lot to explain to judges in the court.

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Latent Print on Feathers

Latent Print on Feathers and Wild Bird Crime

They serve as an insulation to birds from water and cold weather temperature, support in balance and control flight, yet certain color patterns play an important role as a camouflage making it difficult for predators below or above to see the birds.

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