Km range IR searchlight

Frontier defense monitoring/ border surveillance in national defense security is very important.

The borders vary in countries range from 1,000 km to 10,000 km, for most of that no doubt need to put big money in border defense to cope with the increasing border conflict. If the border or coastline is so long but the budget or the number of guards is limited, and thus the long-distance monitoring equipment is needed to assist early warning and security monitoring; the IR light can complement the light for the existing long-distance video monitoring equipment's, especially when it is not conducive to monitoring because of the insufficient light sources in the night. At present, non-military surveillance cameras and lenses can cover a distance about 2 km, but only a few IR searchlights in the market meet this distance requirement.

"With the IR as a complement lighting for the existing long-distance video monitoring equipment to solve the problem that is not conducive to monitoring because of the insufficient light sources in the dark.  It can illuminate objects as a significant distance ahead and avoids "dazzle" from white light similar intense light sources as well.


Our product, designed with detached supplementary light source which help customers cut costs, also has the following features:


Eye-safe design lighting

  • The rectangular array design that makes lighting element distributed columns and rows to equalize the amount of light (that eyes received) per unit area, then to avoid damage to the eyes.
  • Patented technology has the nominal eye hazard distance shortened but still own the nice illumination distance.

Scalable design for more compatibility

  • At present, with the collocation of Canon System to make the farthest effective range can reach 2 km away.
  • It can light up to 2000 m in rainy days, and still reach 500 m even in heavy rain of night.

Offer expanded flexibility to adapt to differing modes of use / application

Not integrating the searchlight and camera within the same design just like other ordinary products but providing the option of smaller or larger in size for wider range using; suited for different kinds of monitoring cameras in a border surveillance systems need a moveable IR as an extra lighting.

Weather: Cloudy / Target distance: 500m
Camera: Canon ME20 with CN20x50

Dynamic combination light source can be adjusted manually. (Only the advanced version has this function)

  • If the brightest and darkest parts of the shooting surface is particularly large while watching in video monitor, by manual tweaking the light setting, narrowing down contrast between very bright and very dark of light, improving imaging getting. Assist to improve the image recognition of the video camera under long-distance lighting conditions.
  • With the better IR light source to properly Illuminate the darker parts of the scene, without overexposing brighter areas.
  • Assist to improve the image recognition for video camera under the long-distance lighting conditions.

Extra-long range IR searchlight for Military, Defense and Law Enforcement; in addition to borde/ coastal defense (shore patrol & coastal patrol), it can also be applied to airport/ port /forest or water source protection/ national park protection/ large industrial park protection.

Well-composed modular array light source makes the lighting control more efficient and more liable to adapt.

  • Light angle can vary from 1 to 13 degrees.
  • Current working distance: from 500m to 2500m; Next stage expected: the farthest distance can up to 3500m
  • 5X5 lighting Element (W), modules design emit infrared light can be uniformly illuminated the irradiated surface. According to the exposure of image in the field of view to adjust the regional illuminance, the first one in world.

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