X-Loupe AgileLite System

What is a X-Loupe AgileLite System?

This system is the powerful and flexible illumination system containing the ultra-violet, visible and infrared of light. Mounted on the front end of camera lens barrel, it’s suitable for the following fields, such as criminal identification, Non-destructive testing, even to biotechnology research and cancer detection. Custom wavelengths are available for meeting the needs of special excitation light in all professional fields.

How it works?

X-Core / X-Core Plus

X-Core / X-Core Plus is the control unit for 4X4 Barrel and AgileLite Ring (Discontinued).

AgileLite Ring

Attaching onto the lens front end of camera,AgileLite Ring is available for life science field, the photo shooting of the fluorescence mice, or be adapted to fit different working scenarios, such as camcorder or even stereo microscope to see zebrafish.

4x4 Barrel (Discontinued)

The lens barrel length designed as a fixed working distance dedicated for the shooting of the latent fingerprint, 4X4 Barrel is specialized for the shooting of the fingerprints photos in the standardized format, then all the photos can be quickly and easily reported to the data center.

* Dr. Yu-Hsuan Lin, “Experience -independent fingerprint imaging using a dark-field ring light illumination System (a.k.a. AgileLite 4x4)”, 2019 IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference

AgileLite Ring Characteristics

The system combined with the camera makes the switching between the use of excitation light for inspection and the camera for shooting is rapid and easy.

Of the primary application in the Life Sciences / transgenic experiments, with the AgileLite Ring mounted on the camera lens front end to provide excitation light sources; it can be used in the laboratory for the fluorescent protein in animal experiments, the observations for immediate reactions of fluorescent.

4x4 Barrel (Discontinued) Characteristics

No need to turn off the light. Lens barrel has built-in excitation light sources; restricted emission direction properly focused to the fluorescence objects, lens barrel prevents the surrounding background lighting to interfere the fluorescence signal.

In criminal forensics, it applies for observation, photography and evidence collection. First use the forensic light source of AgileLite Ring to reveal more evidences ( such as body fluid or blood ) then right away to take photos; further use latent fingerprint dedicated 4X4 Barrel help to perform the latent fingerprints shooting.