X-Loupe BoxLite Kit

Apply to your mice observation by your eyes

Looking for a useful tool for mice fluorescence screening without destructive sampling? Do you need to fence your energetic fluorescence mice while checking the validity of fluorescence proteins? We provide an amazing observation device especially for fluorescent mice.

We developed an fluorescence screening device for years. Observation chamber and powerful LED are perfectly combined for the validity checking of fluorescence protein. MiceScope brings your mice screening with an incredible efficiency.

No darkroom required

Portable sample chamber designed for the size of mice effectively blocks out ambient light, and reduces unnecessary interference. Your amazing fluorescence is easily captured by your eyes!

Portable chamber provides a simple darkroom to shield your fluorescence signal from environmental interference. Through specific filter above the chamber, the color of your fluorescence signal is clearly showed for accurate screening. Multiple filters are selectable from our filter bank for your specific fluorescence protein.

Powerful LED illumination

LED illumination at specific wavelengths precisely brings fluorescent emission of protein with effective signal reproducibility

Energy-saving LED illuminator efficiently illuminates your specimen at short distance without unnecessary energy consumption. Considered as environment friendly illuminator, LED releases no harmful heat to burn your live and fragile specimens. Powerful LED illumination passed through exclusive filter for narrowing the wavelength to precisely excite your fluorescence protein. We provide two wavelengths selectable at 475nm and 520nm for your excitation usages.

Intelligent accessories for fluorescence signal enhancement

Optional rubber base for observation background gives an extra contrast of fluorescence signal

Removable rubber bases are black and white selectable for the enhancement of your fluorescence color. Black base is used for green color fluorescence, and white base is used for red color fluorescence. Exclusive material of base stands high pressure sterilization for reducing the risk of specimen infection.