Mobile inspection light source device

BoxLite Kit / AgileLite handheld

Select right light source for enhancing inspection ability
in the crime scene, lab and clean room

The light source needed to check the surface of the object is not just to provide a lighting, especially if the background is mirrored stainless steel or completely white, or the biological signs (ex. semen and blood spots) that are not easily detectable by the naked eyes, the observation effect is relatively not obvious, need the appropriate light source to reflect the required image characteristics.

How to highlight the detection target to the background??

Recommended to use LED green/ blue/ white light as an auxiliary light for surface inspection with different light sources at different angles and directions, and coordinate with photographic technology to record.

  • Different from the single-point concentrated light sources, such as flashlight is easy to make a reflected glare from object surface, the ring-type/bar-type light source as scattered lighting, is usually more evenly distributed to enhance the tiny object side reflected light entered to the camera or naked eyes for the visual inspection.
  • By use of the special light source (and various light distribution technique) and taking pictures, to collect the potential fingerprints and biological traces left on the surface of the object; or to check the scratches /dust and particles on the appliance surface in clean room.


The main function: Provide effective light source for visual inspection, increase the speed and stability of inspection.

Variable special light sources assist to inspect the characteristics of the object surface.
It can be used as the forensic light source for identification documents, files, fibers, dyes, inks, the point of origin of fire, fingerprints, body fluids, etc; or be the inspection light source for sticky dust particles in clean rooms.


  • A variety of multi-wavelength light sources are available; make on-site inspection quick and simple.
  • 4 light sources (white / blue / green / yellow) to choose from.
  • Dual light source channels can be switched.
  • The intensity of the light can be freely adjusted. (AgileLite handheld)
  • Handheld or fixed stand can be selected according to the site needs. (BoxLite Kit)
  • Stainless steel, durable and hygienic, suitable for clean room.

single hand held, used for searching micro-traces evidence
(BoxLite Kit / AgileLite handheld)

Combined with a desktop tripod as an auxiliary light source
(BoxLite Kit)

Combination cell phone / camera can also shoot fingerprint
(BoxLite Kit) )


  • Built-in long-lasting rechargeable battery.
  • Quick-release magnetic mounting for easy mount removal components.
  • 2-Wavelength High-power LED source, longer lamp life.

Application field

  • Criminal forensic: Search for biological evidence in the scene Criminal forensics: used to develop latent fingerprints, especially for DFO.
  • Semiconductor: For FAB, handheld sticky dust particle inspection light source.

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#Portable forensic light source / #sticky dust particle inspection light source / #vision inspection

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