Field WorkLight

Application field

Used for archeology, Criminal Forensics, Non-destructive testing, Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection



A variety of special light sources provide large-area continuous high-power lighting, which is a sharp tool for archaeology field technicians, crime scene investigators and transportation NDT Inspectors on spot to enhance observation, photography, and evidence collection.


  • Avariety of light sources are available; up to 3 light source channels. (2 standard / 1 optional)
  • White light / Blue light / Green light / IR light / UV light (2 out of 5 , standard)
  • Vesel laser light 850 / 940 nm (choose one, optional)
  • Working distance 10cm
  • Adjustable irradiation angle and irradiation height, large area light source. (Requires optional stand and tripod)


  • Product Dimensions : 240mm(L) x 117mm(W) x 275mm(H)
  • Weight Capacity : 3200g
  • Assembled Product (with stand) Dimensions : 345mm(L) x 210mm(W) x 418mm(H)
  • Assembled Product (with stand) weight : 6130g
  • Material : Galvanized Steel & Glass

Light source channels

  • 2 out of 5 , standard

Light source channels

  • Choose one, optional