Taken by X-Loupe A201* 150X lens

Optical Components

From material selecting, cutting, curvature generation, polishing, to coating, every treatment in the process of optical component producing will affect the accuracy and the quality of the optical products.

On polishing, it is easy to cause cracks on the surface of the optical components. Visual inspection is the main measure to examine the defects on the surface. The accuracy of visual inspection relates to the inspectors’ professional experience. The accuracy also relates to inspection equipments. However, it is difficult to take pictures of the curved optical components and to reduce the reflection from those components.

Particle size : 10 um

UPS Ion Exchange Resins

Ion exchange is used in water treatment and also provides a method of separation in many non-water processes. And Uniform Particle-Sized (UPS) Ion.

Exchange Resins are more efficient than conventional resins.

By way of X-Loupe G20* 300X lens, you can clearly observe the quality for each small particle of Ion Exchange Resin.

KEVLAR® Fiber under X-Loupe lens
Object size: 2mm square fabric

When Fashion Meets Safety

The ultra strong KEVLAR® (Antiballistic Fiber) weave, applied in top-quality fashion travel bag; After thousands of abrasion resistance test, it still keeps like new.

Observing KEVLAR® Fiber under the X-Loupe G20* 150X lens

*Note: This series has been discontinued. Recommend the alternative products HMS series for the microscopic shooting.