X-Loupe® Product Warranty Notice

Product Warranty Notice

The standard products manufactured by Lumos Tech are offered 1 year warranty (except the consumables) from the date of the invoice issued by the dealer/the purchase date indicated on warranty.
The Lithium-ion batteries or UVC lamps (including electrical ballasts) are consumables. lithium-ion battery with 6 months warranty, UVC lamp (including electrical ballast) with 6000 times use warranty.
For any questions about Warranty & Repair, please contact your dealer.
Please keep the original purchase invoice /warranty card for future service request.
The repair fees will be charged even within the warranty period; if the original purchase invoice /warranty card is not attached or if the distributor’s name or the purchase date have been changed or are not indicated on the warranty card.
If you purchase the product from a distributor to extend the warranty period (not the original manufacturer's warranty), please contact your distributor for the extended warranty.
The Warranty Period may differ regionally. Please contact the location where the original order was placed.

Although it is within the warranty period, this warranty is NOT applicable in any of the Following cases.

  1. The anti-counterfeiting label is damaged due to disassembling, or the original warranty serial number sticker is missing; or the serial number sticker has been torn/ replaced, or it is difficult to identify due to the abrasion/ artificial alteration, or the serial number on sticker does not match the product model specifications.
  2. This Warranty does not include failure caused by- improper installation, operation, cleaning, or maintenance; unauthorized disassembly, repair, modification, alteration; defects or damages from abnormal use, or caused by Improper repair includes use of parts not approved or specified by Lumos Tech
  3. Damage or failure caused by incorrect electrical current, voltage, or using of the power supply (unapproved or incompatible batteries, adaptors) that do not meet specifications, improper storage, exposure to moisture or dampness.
  4. Damage caused by natural disasters, irresistible external forces, or human negligence.

Note for repairing: all repairs or replaced components will be under warranty for three months.

The warranty period and service methods of all our products are subject to the announcement on our website without prior notice.

Customer responsibility

When using the Product:

  • Read the user manual first and use the Product only according to the user manual. Or scan the QR code on the product packing list for (some) products, to get simple informed instructional videos from our website.
  • Please check the manual and the ASUS support website for troubleshooting solutions, before contacting the customer service.