Taken by X-Loupe G20 150X lens

Micronic Stainless MESH

The micronic stainless MESH is utilized in many industries, like petroleum, paper, medical, waste and water treatment, architecture, automotive, etc, for the purposes of clarification, cleaning, filtering, purification, sieving and others.

There are all kinds of MESH products with different quality and prices. Some sizes of the woven MESH are too fine to be seen by naked eyes. For the manufacturers of micronic MESH, it is necessary for them to have a persuasive tool to introduce MESH products to their clients.

Taken by X-Loupe G20 300X lens

Scratches Occurred In Precision Mold Making Process

Enhances to check the surface of the precision mold, the X-Loupe will meet the requirement of nowadays high precision mold & die machining industries.