Identity fingerprint on plastic article

Fingerprint as a means of identification:

A fingerprint will not tell you When it was left on the article but will loyally confirm the Contact with the item the person has touched.

A multitasked customs agent or a border guard at the immigration checkpoint dealing with a significant seizure of illicit drugs at X-Ray inspection. If the latent fingerprints located on the plastic bags confirmed to be the suspect’s, the suspect will have a lot to explain to judges in the court.

But when it comes to photography, the ALS(Alternate Light Source), no matter hand-held or stand-alone, an additional technician is required to assist the photography task. How to maintain the photo quality while allowing the technician to finish the job on one’s own will be crucial.

Design for Efficiency:

X-Loupe’s latest AgileLite 4X4 PLUS Barrel, will help busy customs agents complete the latent fingerprints photograph task in a click: simply place the superglue-fumed, then dye-stained evidence baggie under the 4X4 PLUS Barrel mounted to a DSLR. Light intensity dimmer from zero to 100% gives you the greatest amount of light at your disposal. What you see in sight will be captured in photo.

**Plastic baggie sample: after Cyanoacrylate fuming, treated with Basic Red 28.
**Photo taken by X-Loupe AgileLite 4x4 Plus Barrel, wavelength at 470nm with yellow and orange filters via Nikon D5300.

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